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Dr. Brent Spears' Practice

Providing compassionate, effective medical care – at the time when it matters most.

Medical treatment for elderly patients is most effective when I know them as a whole person, not just their symptoms.
— Dr. Brent Spears
Dr. Spears' mother practiced medicine from this building in Bethlehem, PA

Dr. Spears' mother practiced medicine from this building in Bethlehem, PA

In an antiseptic age of brief impersonal visits to a doctor’s office or emergency rooms, Dr. Brent Spears prefers to practice medicine using the still powerful model of home visitation, developing strong relationships between the doctor, the patient, and the day-to-day caregiver. Dr. Spears is a general practitioner who has devoted a large part of his medical career to working with home-bound patients, many of whom are older, who he views as frequently underserved by current healthcare practices. Dr. Spears focuses on working with patients where they live, which may mean they are living in their own homes, assisted living homes, or nursing homes.

Dr. Spears prefers meeting and treating patients where they live because:

  • He values the importance of understanding a patient’s whole life in order to treat him or her, which includes learning about his or her life narrative, living situation, social history, etc.
  • He seeks to know the whole patient, not just his or her symptoms
  • It’s more convenient for caregivers
  • It’s less taxing for patients
  • It can prevent disruptive, upsetting, and costly Emergency Room visits
  • It’s a more sustainable business model for the US medical system
  • It avoids patient exposure to bacteria and viruses in a hospital environment

Dr. Spears currently operates his practice in three locations – Long Island, NY; Boston, MA; Bethlehem, PA. He is able to serve patients in these three geographic locations by partnering with highly qualified, experienced nurse practitioners, who collaborate in providing primary medical care.

Dr. Spears' educational background and extensive professional experience is outlined in his résumé.

The Doctor's Bag

What’s in a doctor’s little, black bag?

Black doctor's bag out doors

People are fascinated by the doctor’s bag. Everyone knows what it is when they see it! People of a certain age will remember a time when physicians carried black bags when they made home visits. Others may have seen old movies or T.V. shows, like Marcus Welby, M.D. or old westerns, in which you can spot the doctor a mile away because of his little black bag.

It has long been a mysterious, mythical kind of symbol, but what’s actually in the iconic black doctor’s bag? Blood pressure cuff, thermometer, stethoscope, alcohol, bandages, tongue depressors, and various medications are sure to be staple items. What’s new in a contemporary physician’s black bag is a smart phone, which provides immediate contact with specialists and essentially unlimited medical and pharmacological references.

Even though they are infrequently seen these days, a doctor’s bag continues to resonate as an icon of comfort and reassurance for patients. Regardless of the contents, the doctor's bag represents what physicians aspire to achieve with patients: peace of mind, comfort, and confidence.