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Skilled Home Healthcare Services Can Improve Care for Elderly Patients

A CHHA (Medicare Certified Home Health Agency) provides skilled services, including Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Home Health Aides and Social Work for home-bound patients. CHHAs and other home-based health care agencies are important cornerstones in home care.

The home visitation model ascribed to by Dr. Spears is aligned with the mission of home care agencies (such as VNA) to increase the efficiency, quality, and patient-centeredness of their organizations. As a home visiting doctor, it is Dr. Spears’ goal to provide patients with improved healthcare outcomes and overall better quality of life at home.

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Dr. Spears is an experienced general practitioner, who began his career working with patients in their homes in rural Massachusetts. Dr. Spears’ background also includes years as an HMO administrator, which provides him with a unique understanding of the healthcare system from a business perspective. Additionally, he understands the importance of supporting visiting nurses, CNAs, and other front-line caregivers in order to improve patients’ healthcare outcomes. 

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As a partner to CHHAs and other home health agencies, he views his role as the home care doctor to help coordinate all of a patient’s care. Working with a team of people who will provide the care that is tailored to patient’s needs. It’s his goal to work with all healthcare team members to do what’s necessary for his patients and their caregivers, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Home health services are a necessary option for home-bound seniors, who often have few options other than little healthcare or ER visits. Dr. Spears is able to treat people where they live, where they are most comfortable. With the proper care, unnecessary ER visits can virtually be eliminated for common medical issues like pneumonia, infections, bed sores, and more. As a result, this can help to alleviate patients’ and caregivers’ anxiety and improve their overall quality of life.

Dr. Spears' educational background and extensive professional experience is outlined in his résumé.

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