Dr. Brent Spears on cell phone in rural setting.

Options for contacting Dr. Brent Spears

You may contact Dr. Spears by phone.

  • In the Long Island, NY area, call 631-928-5800
  • In the Boston, MA (South Shore) area, call 617-236-7772
  • In the Bethlehem, PA area, call 610-865-3300

If you live outside of the regions Dr. Spears covers, we recommend you consult the American Academy of Home Care Medicine for a physician in your area. 

If you have having acute symptoms, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room. Please understand that medical diagnosis can not be provided by email.

Dr. Brent Spears in office, corresponding by email.

You may also make contact with Dr. Spears by email by completing the following form. Please note that email is checked once a day, on weekdays.

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