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In Disney’s movie The Lion King, the concept of the Circle of Life is presented charmingly, with a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. One generation succeeds the other. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. The child takes over the place of the parent and the cycle of life marches on. However, the reality of The Circle of Life for many in America is far less charming than the movie portrays. Adult children are now becoming the parent to the parent, the caregiver to the caregiver. With no instruction book, this is not easy.
— Brent Spears

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Caring for your aging parents

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The burden of caring for elderly parents frequently falls to their adult children. Oftentimes, adult children find this to be a daunting challenge because of the role reversal. Adult children of elderly parents can find themselves in a confusing and uncertain role when it comes to caring for their aging or elderly parents. Figuring out the right long-term care options for a beloved and respected but failing family member can be difficult. Is it feasible for them to remain at home? Is an assisted living facility more appropriate for their needs? Or do they need the more intensive care that can be provided in a nursing home facility? These are not easy decisions to make. First and foremost, adult children want their elderly parents to be comfortable and happy, no matter where they are. And, these children need the necessary support in caring for their elderly parents and to make these important medical decisions.

Caring for your aging life partner

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In sickness and health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.” These are words that have been spoken as part of traditional wedding vows for hundreds and hundreds of years. At the time they are uttered, the gravitas behind the line: “in sickness and health” are probably the furthest thing from most newlyweds’ minds. However, for couples in the later years of their lives, these words begin to become a reality. After spending many years together as partners, it can be a very painful transition for a partner to transition to the role of primary caregiver. The spouse or life partner who finds himself or herself caring for his or her beloved can face a lot of uncertainty, especially if dealing with his or her own healthcare issues. Spouses and life partners also need support in caring for their loved ones and making the appropriate medical decisions, while making sure they are taking care of themselves.  

Home Visiting Healthcare can provide the support you need when caring for your loved ones

Dr. Spears is committed to providing compassionate care by truly listening to and seeking to understand his patients' individual life situations, medical conditions, and beyond. As part of this, Dr. Spears seeks to support the efforts of caregivers, helping to bring the needed reassuring presence to what is frequently a difficult situation. Along with the nurse practitioners with whom he works, Dr. Spears provides compassionate medical care for his patients and the necessary support for their families, which may include end-of-life counsel. He and his team can provide your elderly home-bound family member with superior healthcare services and compassionate support in his or her home.

If you are uncertain as to what a home visit involves, this page outlines the home visit process.

What is important to you?

As much as you may feel you are the first one to have to make sense of the complicated landscape of healthcare while at the same time serving as a caregiver and managing your own emotional response to the situation, be assured you are not alone. Over many years of experience with elderly patients, Dr. Spears has recognized and identified 11 consistent core concerns, which have become his own priorities and which have shaped his practice. You can read them here.

Dr. Spears is currently accepting patients in the Boston, MA and Bethlehem, PA areas. If you’re interested in learning more about how he and his team of qualified nurse practitioners provide superior healthcare services and compassionate support to elderly patients in their homes, please contact us.