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Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
— Theodore Roosevelt

Meet Dr. Brent Spears

Dr. Brent Spears is an experienced general practitioner with an emphasis on geriatric medicine. He is committed to working with his patients in the context of their living circumstances, whether that be in their homes, skilled nursing facilities, or assisted living facilities. Dr. Spears treats his patients where they live in order to alleviate the anxiety that can often accompany healthcare for seniors. Though once the norm, this home-visit approach has become the exception. Dr. Spears maintains that getting to know each patient in his or her home environment allows him to treat the person as a whole, not just as a set of medical conditions. Dr. Spears describes his background and values in this video:

Dr. Spears serves patients in regions centered around Long Island, NY, Boston, MA, and Bethlehem, PA. If you (or a loved one you care for) reside in one of these regions, if everything seems new and confusing, if you are unhappy with the medical care being provided, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Spears. The first phone call might feel awkward, but it shouldn't. In fact the first phone call is critical!  This website has a whole page explaining what to expect from the first phone call.

High-quality communication between doctor, patient, and daily caregiver is fundamental to optimum healthcare outcomes. This can be challenging when treating older adult patients and when interacting with caregivers, who are oftentimes adult children or spouses. Dr. Spears is committed to building strong relationships and improving communication with these older patients and their caregivers. He has found this approach results in the best possible healthcare for the elderly, providing the appropriate care where they are most comfortable – at home.

Dr. Spears clearly can't do it all himself. He partners with highly qualified, trusted nurse practitioners, who provide ongoing care for patients as well as support for the day-to-day caregivers. Dr. Spears and his team provide compassionate medical care for his patients as well as the necessary support for their families to help make this time of their lives as rich and as happy as possible.

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Individual Families

Learn more about Dr. Spears’ private practice. Learn how he and his team of qualified nurse practitioners provide superior healthcare and compassionate support to elderly patients in their homes.
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Assisted Living Facilities

Learn more about how having an in-house doctor can expand healthcare options and increase overall satisfaction for your residents, while decreasing costly, unnecessary emergency room visits.
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Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs)

Discover the ways in which partnering with Dr. Spears can provide your clients with improved healthcare outcomes and overall better quality of life at home.
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