Nurse Practitioners: Valued Partners in Care

Dr. Spears provides elderly home-bound patients with superior healthcare services and compassionate support in their homes through his practice in three locations – Long Island, NY; Boston, MA; Bethlehem, PA. He is able to operate his practice in these three different geographic locations by partnering and working collaboratively with highly qualified, trusted, independent nurse practitioners, who provide ongoing care for patients as well as support for the day-to-day caregivers.

Dr. Spears has been working with nurse practitioners (NPs) since 1972 when his colleague Dr. Kay Reichert trained advanced practice nurses to work at University of Massachusetts, Amherst Health Center. 

During this experience, Dr. Spears noticed how patients loved NPs because they were usually good listeners who often took more time than most of the doctors. Similarly, physicians liked working with them because they came to trust NP nursing and medical knowledge and skills.

Four decades later, Dr. Spears continues collaborative relationships with four NPs in New York. He is looking for comparable professional linkages in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

The NP triad of skilled nursing experience, medical knowledge, and willingness to listen has proven to be very beneficial in the care of home-bound patients who usually are struggling with multiple medical issues. Additionally, caregivers find the relationships with NPs extremely valuable.

It’s our goal to help homebound patients and their families to make this time of their lives as rich and as happy as possible. If you’re a nurse practitioner who is experienced working with elderly patients or working in a home-based setting and are interested in joining Dr. Spears’ team, we have more detail about how independent NPs support a Home Visiting doctor's practice. If it still sounds interesting, please contact us. We’re always looking for compassionate and highly competent medical professionals to join our team!