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Feedback from Dr. Spears' clients

(The following comments come from the anonymous survey forms Dr. Spears regularly asks patients and caregivers to complete.)

Dr. Spears gains a full comprehension of both the physical and emotional state of his patiences. He interacts professionally and compassionately with both patients and caregivers as to ensure proper treatment. I experienced first-hand the passionate and excellent care given to me by Dr. Spears while I was recuperating at home following major surgery.
— N. (patient)
Louie and I were ever so grateful to hear about a doctor that makes house calls! Having a parent with dementia is a heartbreaking situation. This takes the burden off of us to take mom to the doctor for blood tests, and all her medical based needs. Mom can barely walk and understand direction and just getting her ready is truly challenging and stressful. We are very fortunate to have found you!
— RP (caregiver)
Your approach offers patients and their caregivers confidence, comfort, continuity of care and dignity. You are keeping an ages-old tradition alive and at the same time you are pioneering a much needed new model of health care delivery.
— LK (caregiver)
He is warm, loving, compassionate, realistic and knowledgable. There are no words to describe what he did for me and my family.
— (caregiver)
Dr. Spears cared for my mother up until her death. He gave me a better understanding of the way the body works, thus helping me make difficult decisions on my mother’s care. I was very pleased with his simple way, and no bologna attitude.
— (caregiver)
Dr. Spears was a blessing in our lives. For the year or so that Dr. Spears came to our home it was of great comfort physically, mentally and emotionally.
— (spouse, caregiver)
It is a great help that Dr. Spears comes to my relative’s home. Getting an elderly patient to a doctor’s office for routine visits is very difficult.
— (caregiver)
I haven’t met such a caring and understanding doctor in years.
— RK