The first phone call.

You are encouraged to contact Dr. Spears directly.


How is Dr. Spears' model of home visiting different from what you might have experienced previously?

  • Dr. Spears takes his own phone calls.
  • He is interested in what the caregiver (or patient) has to say.
  • He, not an office clerk, takes the information directly.
  • He listens on the first call. A lot of situational nuance can be conveyed in the first conversation. The situation you find yourself in may be new to you, but it's not new to Dr. Spears.
  • He has his own answering service, not a generic and uninterested routing service.
  • He, not some third party, makes his own appointments.
  • You won't be put on hold.
  • He can answer specific questions, even in the first conversation. (For example: "Can she get a blood test at home?"  "An Xray?" "Can we continue to see the cardiologist?")

How can you contact Dr. Spears?

The Contact Page lists phone and email contact information.

Next steps.

After the first conversation, you and Dr. Spears may agree that a home visit is appropriate. What does that involve? You may learn more by reading the Home Visit page.