Dr. Brent Spears portrait

Criteria For Satisfaction

Dr. Spears has identified several attributes as fundamental concerns for family members and caregivers. Consequently, he seeks to excel at each. In fact, Dr. Spears periodically solicits feedback from patients or caregivers using an anonymous survey consisting of these core concerns. Consider how these resonate with what you expect of a physician:

  • The doctor has sufficient medical knowledge to treat my illness
  • The doctor is a good listener
  • The doctor conveys optimism and hope
  • The doctor explains things in a way I can understand
  • The doctor understands what it is like to have my condition
  • The doctor prescribes medication appropriately
  • The doctor offers other resources when appropriate (such as hospitals, specialists and nursing professionals)
  • The doctor spends enough time at each visit
  • The doctor schedules visits frequently enough for the patient's needs
  • The doctor returns telephone calls within a reasonable time
  • The doctor is someone I would recommend to a friend or family member

Mission Statement

My mission is simple: To treat each patient as a whole person, not just as a set of symptoms, in their home environment, where they are most comfortable. It’s my goal to treat each patient with the respect, compassion, and empathy they deserve. I aim to reduce anxiety for my patients and their caregivers when it comes to healthcare, while when possible, tending to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
— Brent Spears
Brent Spears at work in office.